No friends? No tickets? No problem.


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If you are in the US, you can download the app now in the Apple App Store and start using it. However, bear in mind that we're still getting people in so there may not be many matches near you right now. We're based in Brooklyn, so we are making a push in NYC first. If you'd like us to be in your area, drop us a note on Twitter or Instagram!
Absolutely! Through partnerships and integrations with TicketNetwork, Ticketmaster and Glitnir Ticketing, you can buy tickets seamlessly in-app.
We have tickets to over 100,000 events all over the world, so chances are good that we do, especially if it's a well-known event in the US and Canada. Otherwise, if you already have tickets, upload them and we'll help you find someone to go there with.
Every event, section and seat is priced differently, so it's hard to say. We source tickets from a variety of places. Oftentimes, our prices are comparable to what you'd find anywhere else. Other times, we may actually be cheaper - especially if the events are already sold out elsewhere.
If you already have tickets, you can list them on the app, where we use it to match you with someone else who might want to go too. Never go alone!
That's up to you! When you match with someone, you unlock the ability to chat. While chatting, you can coordinate to buy tickets independently or offer to buy tickets for the both of you.
We use an AI-driven algorithm that learns what you like just based on how you use the app, as well as some of the information you give us when you first create your account, like what genres of music or types of sports you like.